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🚕 Uber AI Plug and Play Language Model (PPLM)

PPLM builds on top of other large transformer-based generative models (like GPT-2), where it enables finer-grained control of attributes of the generated language (e.g. gradually switching topic 🐱 or sentiment 😃).

This controlled language generation method consists of plugging in simple bag-of-words or one-layer classifiers as attribute controllers, and making updates in the activation space, without changing any model parameters. Kindly implemented by the Uber AI team in 🤗/transformers.

From the paper Plug and Play Language Model: A simple baseline for controlled language generation by Sumanth Dathathri, Andrea Madotto, Janice Lan, Jane Hung, Eric Frank, Piero Molino, Jason Yosinski, and Rosanne Liu.

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