The opinion gun written with gpt2
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He was so mad. I was like, 'He was mad, and he tried to kill me, and it just got worse!' And I was like, ' -"Stop right there "I shouted at the mirror. There is a gun and he just shot me. Who is he and what caliber does he use ? Who did he use that gun and what did he do to me? Of course I knew that he was me and I was just having a certain kind of episode fueled by depression memes leading to me having a fight with myslef in the mirror. I said, 'I have no idea what happened to the gun. Wasn't it 3d printed ?" He said, 'Yes, it was. 'Ah' I said. Knowing that neither the gun nor the bullet wound was real. He told me that if he saw the gun with its back towards me it also meant that its front was pointed towards him which again menat towards me since as I said before the whole situation is just me in front of a mirror with a comb in my hand. Then I heard him say, 'You know you are not so bad' which made me think I was 'Ok time to pull the trigger big boi ' He bursted out cheerfully. I opened the revolver and he opened the other one up. "I Always thought I would Glock myself to be honest" I muttered. He said, " That was the best decision you had made me take." "Shooting yourself ofr choosing a revolver over a Glock ?" I asked. "Yes, shooting myself to save myself from someone else [would] being the best." "You are welcome" I replied. "Sure" he replied and pulled the trigger. ["]It was a good decision , and it was a good gun in my opinion gun which shoots in short bursts of half informed rants. But I must say that I was in no mood for the clean up after.
Written by Transformer · 🦄